The Offer

Details of the Offer

Funding Target


Funding Cap


Shares on Offer

At $368K 17.32% are available.

At $700k 28.49% are available.

Minimum Investment

There is a minimum investment of $500.

Offer Price Per Share

NZ 66cents per share.

Purpose of fund Raising

Raise sufficient capital to grow the company through marketing.

Duration of the Offer

This offer is available for 30 days.

Are there any future funding intentions?

The company has no further funding intentions at this stage.

How will the shares be managed?

Red Witch intends to outsource management of the share registry to Avenir FMI. Shareholders will be able to login and view their shareholdings through Avenir FMI's website.

How Often will you communicate with your Shareholders?

Quarterly via email newsletters.

Third Party Advisers


Level 19, BDO Tower, 120 Albert St, Auckland 1010

T: +64 9 367 8790


Level 1, 65 Centennial Ave  PO Box 199 Alexandra 9320

T: +64 3 448 6088

Accounts admin

I.S.S. Ltd (ISSL)                        PO Box 738, Shortland Street, Auckland 1140

T: +64 9 379 9693 



ANZ Business Banking       Shop 18, 20 Main Road,  Coastlands, Paraparaumu

T: +64 4 296 1860



BRANDCOM LTD                               PO Box 2571, Wakatipu,              Queenstown 9349

T: +64 3 441 1000

Snowball Effect Fees

Snowball Effect charges a fee if a company successfully reaches its funding target. This fee is the larger of $20,000 or 6% of the funds raised. Snowball Effect may amend this fee in discussions with a company before an offer is listed on Snowball Effect.