Funding Target



Funding Cap



Shares on Offer


At 368K 12.4%

At 700k 22.07%

Offer Price per Share

Shauns note; Rather than having three scenarios, should just have a pre-offer and post offer which is based on raising the cap ($700). Post offer table should include where the crowd/new shares sit in the cap table.

$1 per share

Purpose of the Fund-raising

 Raise sufficient capital to grow the company through marketing initiatives.


Minimum Investment



Duration of the offer

30 Days


Are there any future funding intentions?

No further funding rounds are planned. However the board reserves the right to seek further funding if it is in the best interest of the company.

Describe how your shares will be managed

 We intend to outsource management of its share registry to Avenir FMI. Shareholders will be able to login and view their shareholdings through Avenir FMI’s website.

How often you will be aiming to communicate with your shareholders?

 Quarterly via email newsletter.


Detail any third party advisors you use, including any third-party which helped prepare the financial information: YOu have


Snowball Effect fees

Snowball Effect charges a fee if a company successfully reaches its funding target. This fee is the larger of $20,000 or 6% of the funds raised. Snowball Effect may amend this fee in discussions with a company before an offer is listed on Snowball Effect.