Target Audience

Market Research

In 2013 Red Witch undertook its own in-depth market research exercise to better understand Red Witch customers and the buyer behaviour process in the floor-effects pedal market.

Tracey with Slayer Guitarist Kerry King at NAMM 2014

Tracey with Slayer Guitarist Kerry King at NAMM 2014

 From this the following summary information was gained:

  • 98% of our customers are male
  • Main age group is 21-49
  • Our customers are worldwide
  • Pedal users can never have enough pedals
  • 52.9% own 10 or more pedals
  • 26.9% own 6-9 pedals
  • 20.11% own 5 or less pedals
  • 50% want to own more than 11 pedals

Key Data Findings

Reviewing the data collected it shows the following key points about Pedal Buying Behaviour:

  1. Buying pedals is a high involvement purchase.
  2. Online content and demos of the product are key in the decision making process.
  3. Consumers will buy based on hearing a particular sound and on the features of the pedal.
  4. Consumers need to “click” to purchase / desire needs to be created in the marketing content for “click now”.
  5. Stores need the product in store for the consumer to purchase.
  6. Influencer stores are still relevant.
  7. Other trusted sources of opinions matter.
  8. Pedal users can never have enough pedals.

> Read the Full Report here

Conclusions for Red Witch

From this research and discussions with distributors and dealers it became apparent that Red Witch is a well-respected and trusted brand. It is unfortunate that in the last few years (2011-2013) the brand presence dropped away while the focus was on pedal development.  

Key conclusions from this research which have been taken up by Red Witch and which continue to be acted on, were:

Website / YOUtube

1. Create more online content from Red Witch and other trusted sources:

  • Clips with other players creating different sounds.
  • Demos for different age ranges – based on music, sound, and what each pedal can do.

2. Create questions and answers online with Ben developing more content.

3. Ensure there are key places for consumers to “click to buy” online through key partners.

4. Add other value pages to Red Witch website e.g. Q&A demos, repairs/ warranties, blog.


5. Select key dealers to work with that stock the full range and are keen to partner with marketing Red Witch to their customers (creating exclusivity with key stores).

6. Support dealers who support Red Witch in ways that work for their customers.

7. Have dealers promote the product demos on their website.


8. Continue with social media and establishing the Red Witch Community using Facebook and some forums.

9. Upgrade Red Witch forum to make it easier to use.


10. Ensure production systems are in place to ensure we do not run out of stock.


11. Develop a 12 month marketing strategy to maintain and keep connected to distributors, dealers and consumers.

12. Ensure products are promoted with key features, tone and quality – these are key selling component for pedals.

In moving forward it will be key to keep promoting Red Witch as a highly trusted brand. This means focusing on product availability, the service we provide, our values and consistency in our messages, marketing and operations.