Seven Sisters

The Credibility of Tone

Red Witch took the renowned artist quality tone of its premium pedals and poured it into the world's first range of mini pedals built specifically for the touring artist.

The seven petite pedals offer consumers access to the Red Witch sound in a compact, beautiful enclosure, with a distilled feature set of the premium range, and groundbreaking rechargeable technology.  

  • World's first rechargable pedal
  • World's first mini pedal range, built for touring
  • Artist quality pedals at affordable prices
  • Tone quality of our premium pedals
  • Easy to use – immediacy of great sounds
  • Dual power option with rechargeable battery and/or wall power


I love the Seven Sisters pedals, especially for fly dates. You charge them up before you leave and need no power supply when you land and start rocking! All the pedals are made tough, easy to use, and sound fantastic.
— David Catching of the Eagles of Death Metal and Queens of the Stone Age