Original Chrome Series

The Original Chrome series channels the aesthetic of the first pedals Ben Fulton created in the first tiny workshop (garage) in Paekakariki. Chrome plated, this range of pedals delivers the next wave of innovation from Red Witch, including the mini sized Violetta Delay and the brand new bass pedal range. 

The Original Chrome series draws from Red Witch's past to influence its future. It is the format for all coming designs - visually and sonically stunning  - an elaboration and expansion of all that Ben Fulton has learned over the last 12 years.

Violetta Delay

The Violetta Delay is quite possibly the most versatile little delay pedal ever built. It offers a myriad of stunning features: 1000m/sec of delay time, an infinite array of repeats and extreme modulation.

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Bass Pedals

Ben was inspired to design a dedicated range of effects pedals specifically for bass after careful consideration of the key differences between the needs of bass players and the needs of guitarists.

Thinking about the bass guitarists' priorities versus the priorities of guitarists revealed that preservation of the original bass sound was vital; that all low frequencies must be retained. Many guitar effects “roll” off low frequency response resulting in very limp, anemic sounds when used with bass.

Wanting to remain true to the original design philosophy of “Functional Innovation” the first two bass pedals are designed to offer something useful but previously unavailable (the analog sub octave and overdrive of the Factotum and the analog sub octave and Fuzz of the Zeus (to be released shortly)). The final bass pedal will be the Bassotron, a synth / envelope filter /sample hold pedal. This is a response to the many requests from bass players to offer a bass-centric synth pedal inspired by the Synthotron. This pedal will be launched in 2016.


The Factotum features two separate bass effects in one glorious chrome package; the ridiculous might and sub-thumping girth of 100% analog suboctave and the ultra dial-able grit of 100% analog bass overdrive. Each effect can be used independently or simultaneously - they each have their own true bypass stomp switch. Dial as little or a much of each effect in with the two mix controls. Designed specifically for the bass – this pedal retains clarity and transparency in the low-end bass frequencies, essential frequencies lost when using traditional guitar effects.

Factotum-front-cut out_med.png

Yet To Be Released


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Inspired by the Synthotron, Ben Fulton designed the Bassotron specifically for bass players. Featuring a synth section comprising of two independent octaves (one up, one down) and a filter section with switchable sample and hold, the Bassotron is able to offer a cornucopia of bass synth funk glory.



Featuring two pedals in one the Zeus offers the player a silicon fuzz (comprising key features of the Fuzz God II) as well as a beautiful analog suboctave. Capable of generating anything from a distant rumble to an all out subterranean cataclysm. The Fuzz section works beautifully with or without the analog suboctave. This is a result of being analog rather than digital. It has a fantastic, tactile springiness with extremely good tracking.