Manufacturing Capability




Red Witch outsources its production to a company in Taiwan called Run Run. Started in 1976, Run Run manufactures for some of the biggest and most successful pedal companies on the planet.

Incredible attention to detail, high end components and 21st century production technologies coupled, with a core understanding of our key design philosophies, Run Run has been producing beautiful pedals for Red Witch since 2007.

By engaging the services of one of the world's leading high end pedal manufacturers at an early stage in Red Witch’s life, Red Witch set the wheels in motion to allow it to offer a distributor price point in its margins – something very few other “boutique” flavored pedal makers can honestly say.

Run Run's state of the art factory is able turn around a production run of pedals within a 3 month time frame. Its production failure rate is less than 1%, which is a lower failure rate than when Red Witch produced the pedals by hand.

Product Development

To understand the process, Red Witch develops the pedal from what is called a "bread board" which costs less than $50. Once completed a schematic design is built and sent to the manufacturer to build a sample pedal which is sent back for testing. Sometimes one or two iterations may be made before sending on for production. 99% of the process is in staff time, which is capitalised as R&D. The other 1% is in minor electronic parts. The cost of the sample pedals is always built into the cost of the first pedal run.