Red Witch Analog Ltd is a boutique manufacturer of world-leading premium analog guitar and bass effects pedals.

Critically acclaimed with outstanding international reviews, and enjoyed by an enviable list of world respected artists, Red Witch Analog Ltd has gained a reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative floor effects pedals of the highest quality, renowned for their tone, functionality and artist usability.

Red Witch Analog Ltd (Red Witch) is entering an exciting new phase as it pursues an aggressive global growth strategy, driven by the invigoration of its distributor and dealer network, and supported by an innovative marketing programme.

Conceived in a garage in Paekakariki by Ben Fulton in 2003, Red Witch first came to international prominence in 2008 when Andy Summers from the Police used hand built Red Witch pedals on the Police Reunion tour. 

In 2009 Branding and Marketing specialist, Geoff Matthews, invested in Red Witch, and after a careful competitor analysis, set Red Witch on a course of product development, to increase the intellectual property and value of the company by growing its pedal range from 4 to 17, with two more to be released in the next year.

Now with a full suite of guitar and bass floor effects pedals, the company is ready to focus on driving sales through the precise execution of a well researched and thought-out brand strategy.


Red Witch offers an opportunity to hold a unique investment in the fastest growing segment of the global music trades sector.

Red Witch is seeking to raise a minimum of NZ$368k in new share equity at a pre-money valuation of $2.66m discounted by 34% (17.32% of the company), with over-subscriptions up to $700k (28.49%), to fund the growth strategy.

The funds raised will be invested in rolling out the innovative marketing plan.

"This is an exciting period of transformation for Red Witch Analog, as the company moves from having product development at the core of the business, to brand strategy driving business strategy." - Geoff Matthews, Director.

"Red Witch is a quintessential New Zealand small business success story. A company that started out by a guy building things in his garage, which the world not only wants, but respects. Join with us by making an investment and help us build a great company do big things on the world stage."  - David Jones, Chairman.

I’ve been checking out the Red Witch Factotum pedal. I really dig this pedal. It sounds great and it’s easy to tune in a great sound.
— Darryl Jones: Bass Guitarist for the Rolling Stones, Miles Davis, Eric Clapton, Madonna

What is a Guitar Effects Pedal?

Guitar effects pedals are floor based audio signal processors. Simply put – you plug a guitar in one end and an amplifier in the other and it changes the sound. When turned off, the sound passes through the pedal unaffected – when turned on the signal is electronically altered by the pedals' circuitry. Take a listen . . . .


Andy used the Empress Chorus pedal exclusively for all his chorus needs on the Police reunion tour - here's a clip of the band performing "Can't stand losing you" - be sure to check out the sound at 3:10 where Andy turns on his Deluxe Moon Phaser in tremophase mode.... Can you feel the swirl!!!

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The Police - Can't Stand Losing You live in Concert from Baseball Stadium Tokyo Dome 2008 in Japan.

TVNZ One News

Red Witch was featured on TVNZ One News on Saturday 6 June 2015.

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