Competitor Analysis

The chart directly below shows where Red Witch's product range sits by price point against other pedal manufacturers in the USA market. The competitors are grouped by size of the company and this list is not exhaustive. These are some of the key pedal manufacturers sold by three of largest dealers in the USA.

This shows the distinct price points segment of the Red Witch Seven Sisters range versus the premium range. Click here to view a larger image of the chart.


What Makes Red Witch Special?

Differentiated by functionality and tone

Red Witch pedals are differentiated in the market place by the design functionality and their tone.

From the start, Ben has built in unique features that guitarists would want. This has resulted in many of the pedals like the Factotum, being stand-alone in the market place.

When it comes to tone, which can be subjective, Red Witch is unaware of any industry review where Red Witch has received negative comments for the tone of the pedals.

Consumer Perception

When Red Witch researched how its products were perceived by guitar players in December 2013, it was pleasantly surprised by the high opinion consumers have of the brand in terms of both these key attributes (features and tone). 

The following question was asked and responses came from 688 guitar players globally (note the results maybe skewed given the survey was sent to consumers already familiar with the Red Witch brand).

Q: If you bought a pedal from any of the following brands without hearing what it sounds like, how much trust would you place in the pedal sounding great?



Red Witch also asked the same audience about features.

Q: How would you rank the following brands in terms of providing quality pedals, where they stand in regards to price, and the features they develop for their pedals?


Set out below is an example of comparison chart for the Violetta used as a sales tool by Red Witch's dealer networks.

It's a great example of how the functionality and design sets a Red Witch pedal apart even in a crowded space such as delay pedals. Click here for a larger view of the chart.